Nothing belongs to us

What does it mean to possess something?

The fool says, “These are my children, this is my land, this is my money.” Actually, the fool does not possess himself, even fewer children, land or money. – Buddha.

To think of possessing objects or people is a crazy and selfish way of conceiving life and is equivalent to self-condemning to unhappiness.

From attachment rises pain, from pain rises fear; for the one who is totally free, there is no attachment, there is no pain, no fear. – Buddha.

There is no doubt that in time we will lose everything and with every subtraction, there will be suffering:

  • Objects
  • Memories
  • Friends
  • Loves
  • Emotions
  • Skills
  • Beauty

Even what we call “life” will leave us

Nothing will remain unchanged but, if it is true that in nature, nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, it is equally true that nothing will be lost and that one day (near or far, in one form or another) we will come back to rejoin us (with loved ones disappeared, friends, enemies, etc.). Better: we have never been separated.

At this moment:

  • Large parts of us are dying and being reborn (they are transforming)
  • The old cells of our body give way to new ones
  • By assimilating the food we are transforming it into us
  • The animals and / or vegetables that we eat are assimilating (through the food chain cycle) parts of other living and inert beings
  • We are connected to each other through the energy we are made of and the energy that binds all that surrounds us


The reality that is difficult to accept is that, despite our self-awareness, we are only composed of matter, a matter that continues to mix:

  • The biggest man (or woman) is not the one who owns (thinks he owns) everything but the one who does not feel the need to own anything
  • The richest man (or woman) is the one who knows he is part of a single great whole, within which there is no discontinuity or distinction

In light of this simple conviction, the great evils of humanity (wars, etc.) disappear.

Understanding the essence of existence and abandoning everything that has weighed and blocked us so far:

  • Opens the door of happiness (if we are all perennially united what can we miss?)
  • Eliminate the fear of death (because it is only a human convention, the transformation is perpetually in progress)
  • Eliminate the fear, envy and hatred of the different (if our body is one with the others, what is the use of offending ourselves?)
  • It helps us to live in benevolence (helping others means helping ourselves and vice versa)

So many more people will be caught in the depths by this vision (which does not need fanciful inventions to be proven), the more the world will become a better place to live.

We should not attach to anything or anyone but to everything and everyone… simultaneously.

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  • What difference does it make between you and others?

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