Learn to use basic weapons

Unlike what happens in many other martial arts, the 6DKF’s practitioner begin right away to approach / familiarize with the use of weapons.

We can choose whether or not to master the different types of weapons (from Ninjutsu, from Shaolin, etc.) but we can not exempt ourselves from learning the use of the fondamental ones.

The basic weapons that we have to learn to use are the elastic rope (about 150cm, initially folded in 2 parts) and the short stick (about 75cm), they teach us as well as to handle them even to manage the flow of our body as if it would be a weapon.

Each training session can be said complete if and only if we dedicate a time to a rigid weapon and a time to a flexible one. In this very first stage of learning, rope and stick are used almost in the same way and with considerable freedom.

The goal is to become familiar with:

  • The wrist mobility
  • The harmony of movements
  • The distances of attack and defense
  • The weight of the weapon and its effort
  • The risks of lack of control

The first simple exercise is the following:

  • We move freely the rope or the stick striking blows in the air (to vacuum)
  • We have to try to involve the whole body in a fluid and continuous motion
  • Let’s go and return from attack to defense motions describing curvilinear lines
  • For now we do not have to worry about targets, power or speed

We must focus on:

  • A firm grip but flexible and elastic
  • Movements with uninterrupted flow
  • Not losing control of the weapon (eg. hitting ourselves, dropping weapons, etc.)

When we feel (a little) able we can pass to more complex exercises. In future articles we will proceed with the study of the basic weapons (but dividing their explanation).

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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