Hands conditioning: first approach with a bag of rice

The conditioning (at least basic) of the body is a key aspect for those who want to minimize the risk of damage in combat.

We always try to maintain a normal hand aspect but at the same time we prefer to save their joints. The first type of conditioning that we are going to face is that of hands.

The hands are both powerful and delicate, if we want to avoid damaging our bones hitting our opponent in a bad way (or simply missing a target), we have to fortify them a bit (knuckles, fingers, muscles, etc.).

Here is a very first exercise that we can do without big risks: the bag of rice.

What we need

  • Let’s take a fabric bag and some rice
  • The bag must be filled to 75%
  • The bag must be able to be gripped firmly with one hand

The exercise

  • Let’s grasp with one hand and with very firm grip the bag
  • We have hit the bag with the other hand (and next vice versa)
  • The hand with the bag must not move, it has to absorb the hit (it is part of the training)
  • We have to hit in sequence with each knuckle individually
  • We have to hit with each finger in sequence
  • We have to hit with outstretched fingers, curved, folded in half and closed
  • We have to hit with the palm, the back and the 2 remaining sides of the hand
  • We have to hit with the 4 sides of the wrist
  • We have to hit with couples and trios of fingers together and separate
  • We have to hit with lunges, beatings and directional pressures (down, right, etc.)
  • We have to hit with fingers crossed, leaning, etc.

Optimize the exercise

  • We need to mix these various stimuli but we have to keep balanced the totals
  • We have to try to use the maximum power that we can give it without being hurt
  • Let do not waste time, let’s move the rest of the body (eg. legs up and down)
  • If we are acting well our hands should redden slightly but must not in any way be injured

This is an introductory exercise to conditioning (it will help us to pass to other type of stimulations) and should not be very harmful but, if we feel pain, we have to interrupt right away and wait for a few days to start again.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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