Iron palm conditioning

In our and in many other martial arts is developed a particular type of hands-conditioning commonly known as “iron palm” (characteristic for example of those styles of kung fu which provide for the breaking of objects).

This type of capacity requires a long and consistent exercise (1 year for the first results) but allows those who master it to:

  • Achieve an extremely high impact strength without excessive effort
  • Bear the power of impact achieved without suffering injury
  • Hide the power of the most devastating attacks

Specifically the 6DKF use:

  • The Qi (internal energy)
  • Softness (unstoppable power vehicle)
  • Flexibility (to separate the limb of attack from the target)

Also in this case the gradual plays a fundamental role, in order to avoid irreparable damage to our hands. In the order, we have to:

  • Learn to manage soft movements involving the entire body
  • Recognize the more aerodynamic movements, trajectories and positions
  • Mechanize them by placing these movements within our muscle memory
  • Perform the movements against obstacles gradually more resistant
  • Listen to our body and choose the right rest, cure and conditioning
  • Perform the movements imagining moving the Qi within the body
  • Perform the movement by moving the Qi within the body
  • Apply the technique on objects of various nature to assess their consistency and to assure the effectiveness of the practice in detail

In future articles we will see how to perform each of these steps. This is our path, there is no trick, magic or illusion, it is simply workout and results that gradually everyone will see personally.


  • In 6DKF we are very keen not to show at a glance the fact that we are conditioned, so we want to preserve “intact” the outer skin of our hands
  • We do not want to damage our palm because the touch sensitivity is extremely important, both in combat both for various other skills that we want to achieve
  • Although (with the time) it inevitably will happen we do not train to gain exceptional ability to break objects, we do not want to establish records, this is not our focus

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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