Control of emotions: the exercise of the switch

The first thing to learn in order to exploit our emotions in our favor is to understand the basic setting of the “switch technique”:

  • Emotion activated
  • Emotion disabled

We have to handle our mental flow. To effectively use the force of moods (and not to be their victim) it is necessary to follow a precise path:

  • Evaluate the situation and choose the right suggestion to apply
  • Recover useful episodes of our past on which we have already elaborated (as we have mentioned in past articles)
  • Activate the emotion and keep it alive as long as we need it (possibly planning a progression of intensity)
  • Interrupt or, at least, replace it with a more convenient one in relation to the evolving the situation

However, to use this technique in a real context and under stress (not necessarily a fight), a strong will has to be developed.

Like the sea during a storm, our minds will try always and in any case to anchor us in the real immediate condition of our discomfort (pain, fear, etc.).

The solution is constant practice and meditation. Here is a first exercise:

  • Let’s wait to be in a state of mind as neutral as possible
  • Let’s find a suitable position / place and let’s sit down to the ground with closed eyes
  • Let’s run a slow and deep breathing, leaving 1-2 seconds of apnea between the inhalation and the exhalation (or better we can use a breath of the meditation methods of 6DKF)
  • Let’s focus on breathing, we must do it impeccably, let’s not miss any detail
  • Let’s proceed with 6 cycles of breathing; this is our neutral state (emotion deactivated)
  • At the end of these cycles, we resume a natural breathing
  • Let’s take then an emotion, drawn from our past (not too intense and not negative for the first 10-15 times)
  • Let’s concentrate on it focusing it on us or, for example, on an object (no life being)
  • Let’s establish the roles of the emotion (subject and object) according to our needs
  • Let’s try to maintain the emotion by calibrating on it every internal or external element of our body (breathing, movements, etc.) just as if we were reciting
  • After about 10-15 seconds we have to hit our hands on the ground, exhaling intensely and forcefully
  • This way we interrupt brusquely the flow and we are ready to reset our mind
  • Immediately let’s repeat our 6 controlled breathing cycles
  • Let’s repeat the exercise for no more than 10 minutes at the beginning


  • As long as we will not be able to empty our minds the complexity of breathing will help to “distract us” from the emotion
  • The first times we will have many difficulties both to keep both to remove the emotion
  • With time and constancy, we will be able to activate more powerful, influential and prolonged stimuli
  • This topic will connect later with some of the advanced body control techniques

In the next articles of this series, we will see other exercises.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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