An exercise to develop mental cyclical concentration

In the 6DKF when we talk aoput coordination we are not referring only to more or less complex motor skills but also to the ability to mentally and simultaneously focus on 2 (or more) different things.

Here’s an exercise that brings us closer to the idea of “multi-tasking” and cyclical concentration:

  • Let’s choose 2 films we’ve already seen but that we do not remember well
  • Let’s opt for movies simple to follow and that do not require too much concentration
  • Let’s remove the audio and let’s start playing them in contemporary
  • We can use a split computer screen, 2 tv screens (etc.)
  • Let’s try to follow both films understanding what happen
  • Let’s try to cyclically choose the scene the movie that is better to focus on
  • Let’s help with our memories about these films

By the time we will get used to this kind of work and we will be able to:

  • See new movies
  • See more complex films
  • Activate the sound of both films
  • Use the overall view (without ever turning our head)

Without going too deeper in terms of brain usage theories, what is important for us is that this exercise will allow our mind to work at full power:

  • By increasing our ability to concentrate
  • By increasing our ability to listen (eg. we will be able to listen to more contemporary conversations but more about this later)

In the next article we will see an exercise to develop cyclical concentration on the body side.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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