6 Dragons Kung Fu’s Fabric Cloth training with a Ninjato

Combat training (advanced level)

An example of execution of Fabric Cloth exercise

In this video, we show a practical example of the Fabric Cloth (read Basic tools: the cloth) exercise (in the particular case, Master Kongling practice with a Japanese weapon, the Ninjato, ideal for advanced practitioners).

This training is one of the fundamental technical exercises of 6 Dragons Kung Fu (read /// Subscribe (it's free!) or Login to see this content ///) and it promotes: reflexes, speed, concentration, spatial intelligence, spatial memory, adaptability, balance, mobility, timing, distances management, precision, combat instinct and much more.

A note by Master Kongling – It is important to stress that to train with real live blades is extremely dangerous and in our school, it is one of the last things that a practitioner learn (read Learning the use of real weapons).


  • This exercise, like the other fundamental ones, autoregulates in relation to your speed and with all the other combat capabilities that you possess: this makes it perfect (in its basic version) both for the novice both for the expert.
  • These sequences are always improvisated and not tested before, this exercise is a free training where the practitioner learns to face the unpredictable happenings of a dynamic context (read The cloth training: deepening)
  • Even it is not very clear the last blow touches the fabric cloth with the tip of the sword, throwing it against the camera (that slightly moves to the left)
  • This is not juggling; in a demo or in an exhibition it is not so beautiful to see the fabric cloth going to the ground but it is a crucial part of the training (and if you never make it falling, it means that you are practicing at a level that will not increase your martial skills)

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