4 hours individual training session sample 2

A 4-hours session (high intensity)

An example of an advanced daily training session of 6 Dragons Kung Fu (4 hours, individual, including some special / specific tools and exercises):


  • The 5 moving targets can be configured in terms of size, type various ways (eg. small punching bags, speedballs or tennis balls)
  • The moving targets should not be forcibly hung in 5 different elastic cords (eg. from 1 to 3 attached to the same rope)
  • Obviously, all the weapons involved must not be sharp (or must be securely covered)
  • If we are not more than skilled practitioners (minimun 2 years of daily training) we cannot use heavy / real / unprotected weapons (especially if flexibles)

Remember this is not a training for a novice, it is dangerous and it requires a very high effort.

Even this time we’ve included some specific tools (the speedballs, etc.) and some more particular exercises (fighting techniques, etc.), do not worry, we will see everything with specific articles.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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