How to punch (simple explanation)

In 6DKF there is a wide variety of punches (with different types of impact, loading, breathing, rotation, etc.), in this article, we will show in the most simple and direct way one of the most educational punches (useful to understand the others).

So let’s see how to deliver our first punch (in a style similar, not the same, to that of traditional Shaolin Kung Fu).

The preparation:

  • Let’s imagine to be in a casual position (arms at our sides)
  • The half-open palm of our hands is facing our thighs
  • In the initial phase the hand must be closed so conveniently (but should not be tightened)
  • The whole arm is completely relaxed (in order to express the maximum speed)
  • The thumb, bending, must superimpose the front of the index and middle fingers
  • The remaining four fingers must be aligned harmoniously and fully bent on themselves
  • The wrist must be aligned with the forearm in a natural straight direction (in order to avoid damage during the impact)

The fist:

  • The shoulders are firm and relaxed (in this punch we do not charge our attack, we never have backward movements)
  • The elbow bends and the forearm move up frontally (directly, without any superfluous collateral motion)
  • At this stage we are not just bending the elbow, we are already moving the arm forward
  • While the forearm moves we must rotate our fist (with the back of our hand down) and (strongly) inhale through our nose
  • Without flow interruptions we begin the second part of the movement and, stretching the arm toward the target, we (strongly) exhale
  • While we stretch the arm, we rotate again the punch in the opposite direction (with the back of hand upwards)
  • In both movements the arm never backs away, the rotations are gradual and synchronous with breathing
  • At this point, the arm has to be stretched out also by using the elongation given by the synchronous rotation of the shoulders (the attacking one follow the impact direction and the other the opposite)
  • Stretching the elbow we must not get an opening greater than 90% (in combat it is risky and in training detrimental to the ligaments)

The impact:

  • Just before the impact (achieved the target certainty), we must tighten with all our strength the fingers
  • The hand should not be tightened before because, in case of error, a soft contraction produces minor damages (cushioning)
  • Who is not completely conditioned must hit with the knuckles of the middle and index finger (even so, however, there is a risk of rupture); a fully conditioned advanced practitioner can hit more freely (3 knuckles, etc.)
  • The final closure, combined with the total arm tension, to a vibration and to a further inward rotation, brings out the power of the blow

The return:

  • We never have to remain in extension for a longer time than is necessary (the opponent can grab us, etc.)
  • The attack movement must be equivalent to a screwing, the return is its rewind
  • To learn we can perform all previous movements in reverse and abruptly (in combat it is better to go back in the guard stance, to continue with a sequence of attacks, to turns the fist into a grasping, a boost, a push, etc.)


  • To load a fist is right but slows us down and warn the enemy of what we are going to do; a good practitioner knows when there is opportunity, space and time to do it
  • If we intend to use full power to exercise this fist (eg. sequences of 25) we must opt for a soft target and not for empty shots (especially at the beginning)
  • This is a basic fist (for beginners), we’ll see many more punches (some faster, some more unpredictable, some more powerful, etc.)

Later we will publish some important improvements on how and what to hit as well as the complete description of the details of an effective punch (for the most advanced practitioners).

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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