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How to train safely: the respect during training

In this video, we talk about the basic level of respect that every martial arts practitioner should give: to himself, to his training partners and to the practice itself (read Dojo (guan): rules, respect and etiquette). If there is respect, you can train safely and there are no limits to the quality of training.

Lesson 4

  • In this lesson, we are going to talk about respect.
  • We do not train with others to vent our frustration. As we said: the uniform, meditation, music… all these things (as we said in the past lesson, read What you need to train [ Free video course ]) can help you to create a separation from everyday life but you have to free your mind.
  • Those who train with us are our brothers. We must see the things in this way. There are no enemies. There are no opponents.
  • We do not like competition… we do not train ourselves to apply violence but to avoid it. Education and courtesy must be granted for everyone.
  • Remember that, when you train, you have three responsibilities: the first is your health, the second is the one of the people around you and the third  is about your properties and those of the others
  • When you train, you have to cure all the possible details. Especially when you train with other people (for example hygiene).
  • During a serious workout, you sweat intensely, this is a fact that must be accepted, nevertheless it is as essential to arrive with nails and toenails clean and cut, clean teeth, feet and armpits, perfumes that are neutral (you are not going out with a girl of or with a with a boy, you are going to train).
  • All the things that can create confusion should be avoided.
  • Punctuality: never subtract time from your training, yours or others.
  • You have to always arrive 10 minutes before the lesson begins (the lesson or the training). There is no excuse for this, to do this you simply have to prepare and organize your time. Everyone can do this so you can.
  • Constancy: those who do not train constantly, do not train. You have to know this: if you do not train constantly, every time, every day, the same hours, the same days… every time, you are not training.
  • The difference between an amateur and a professional is that the first is annoyed by the fatigue of training, the second is annoyed by the fact of not having worked hard enough.
  • Seriousness: turn off or, at least, silence every device that you have with you.
  • Nothing, during training, must undermine the quality of the practice.
  • Sociality in martial arts is given by the sharing of the training and the sharing of fatigue. Chattering is welcome but before or after the practice: never during.


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  • In your opinion, what is the worst form of lack of respect in a martial training?

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