The instructor of 6DKF and the teaching method

An instructor of 6DKF who want to form a good practitioner must:

  • 1) Bring the student to a physical state minimally suitable to start training
  • 2) Immediately give the student the opportunity to experiment and find personal solutions to given problems (through exercises that stimulate strategic thinking)
  • 3) When the student makes mistakes he must be corrected (the experience of the instructor should be at his disposal) but, initially, the instructor has only to give the student simply a “direction”
  • 4) When the student exposes alternative ways he should be encouraged to deepen his ideas (obviously not during exercises) with practical tests and confrontations
  • 5) Gradually, when the exercises start to form the martial personality of the student, the instructor can begin to exhibit the 6DKF’s techniques
  • 6) The instructor must allow the student to choose, adapt and test the effectiveness of the techniques in order to enrich and increase his martial culture
  • 7) Only after the student has chosen his martial path the instructor can gradually begin to train his muscle memory to reach the maximum effectiveness

The 6DKF is not only a martial art but even a martial substructure.

Normally, in other martial arts, the creative and personal adaptation of techniques is generally relegated to the last stages of learning and, in the face of higher precision in running tradition, is a little annihilated the possibility for the practitioner to create a completely own style.

Usually the classic method starts from the preparation of the body, it passes to the study / storage of technique and, only ultimately, to the personalization of the style. In fact, normally, is body/mind that needs to follow the martial art, in 6DKF we try to do exactly the opposite.

We start from the creativity generated by our initial inexperience and then we proceed to correct and expand continuously our style of fighting (with understanding and in a consistent way); our mistakes are our wealth and provide us with the raw material to improve and explore new paths.

In 6DKF this method of learning is not mandatory, it’s a practitioner’s choosing. The difference between the traditional method and this are in time (it is very slow) and effectiveness (it permits a better understanding).

The creative method needs to cover a longer path of assimilation but it has a superior benefits:

  • The practitioner creates its own fighting style based on personal choices 100% adherent to his psychophysical qualities
  • Each technique that is learned is dissected in first person by the student (in terms of causes, effects, potentials, limits, etc.).
  • Any gap of the practitioner is covered by the instructor (or by training partners), each teaching gap is covered by the practitioner
  • The practitioner is always forced to use his mind and to find his solutions becoming (strategically) more reactive

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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