Prepare arms, wrists and fingers to use weapons

To utilize even a 1.5kg sword (or any other weapon to hold in hand) in an effective way, as well as having a good technical knowledge we must also have a suitable physical structure.

Each sword, stick, ax, nunchaku or other proper or improper instrument has a:

  • Specific weight
  • Different aerodynamic
  • Certain kind of balance

To use a weapon in a consistent manner is therefore important to train our bodies (especially arms and hands) to manage these three elements.

In 6DKF we learn to use both equipment of excellence (eg. a well-balanced katana) both the improvised ones (eg. a shovel) and in both cases, the muscle structure of a non-practitioner can be the victim of not so secondary limitations / injuries.

Here are some of the most likely risks:

  • To perform slow movements, quickly becoming tired and losing effectiveness
  • To perform unbalanced movements, losing power and precision
  • Damaging our own wrists / elbows / shoulders under the twist and the inertia of a too heavy weapon
  • To hurt ourselves because of the inability to control a poorly balanced weapon
  • To be victims of a too aerodynamic weapon to whose movement we can not put limit

To protect our safety while we practice and study the various weapons of 6DKF is therefore important to strengthen our wrists, toes, shoulders, all the muscles of the arms and collaterally the rest of the body (both bare hands both with weapons we tend almost always to involve all limbs in the movements we do).

In the next article we will see a useful exercise to strengthen our arms.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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