Accept problems to find solutions

Never think to problems

Never think to problems, let’s use our time only to look for solutions.

Let’s start with some simple assertions that any intelligent person should accept:

  • Problems are a life constant – The problems (of any kind) occur periodically and require time / effort for their solution
  • Problems give meaning to life – Without any difficulty or obstacle, our existence would have no meaning (life itself could not exist)
  • Problems happen for no reason – Each problem does not have a meaning to be researched (it is useless); they have only causes and effects, we have to use the seconds to identify the firsts
  • Shame, anger, denial and postponements – These 4 bests will never help us to solve any kind of problem but, for sure, they can make it bigger and heavier
  • There are 2 ways to solve problems – The first is the one that we know as correct and the second is the wrong one plus the correct one (read The right thing to do)
  • To lie to ourselves is foolish – Most of the time, exasperating difficulties is only a trick to do not face the possibility of failure, an excuse
  • No one will solve our problems – We have to act independently to get everything we need for our purpose (professional help, knowledge, tools, etc.)

We can lose our control and waste time each time that a new problem will come or we can accept that this is the reality in which we live.

What happens when we face our problems

Every time we use our psychophysical faculties to positively solve a problem:

  • We learn useful things that we did not know before
  • We learn effective methods to help those with our same difficulties
  • We move one step closer to our mental maturity
  • We begin a positive spiral (based on the proof of being able to achieve the goals we set ourselves)

In few words: We become stronger (read Measure ourselves with errors).

How to prepare ourselves to solve a problem

Preparation, discipline, concentration. To effectively solve a (big or small) problem, we must:

  • Separate the problem from ourselves – We must abandon any emotionality and / or personal involvement in relation to the problem
  • Separate the problem from the others – No one can solve a cloud of indefinite problems without a head or a tail, we must isolate each of them to face them one at the time
  • Separate the problem from its effects – We often confuse some of the causes of our problem with some of its effects making it insurmountable
  • Establish problems’ priorities – We have to give each problem (or its components) a precise order of resolution in relation to the others
  • Establish what we need – We have to understand what we need (persons, resources, knowledge, etc.) and what we do not need
  • Make a plan and stay focused on it – We have to write down a working plan, problems must be analyzed and resolved in the right order and without interferences or distractions
  • Catch the opportunities – The events are neither forcibly positive nor negative, it is our judgment to make the difference, why do not to look for collateral opportunities?

In a few simple steps:

  • We have undressed our problem
  • We have found its limits
  • We have harnessed it to such an extent as to turn it into something we can exploit in our favor (new meetings, life experiences, opportunities for mental evolution, experiences to share, cultural growth, etc.)

Note (from Master Kongling) – Do not think that I take lightly your problems or the ones of those who are truly suffering but, if you think for a moment, we are always the discriminant, we choose the way we deal with things. There is no trick to control what is outside of our mind, it is impossible, but there is a way to control (part of) ourselves so, being able to choose, why not opt for the best option?

In the next article of this series, we will see the 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s Method to solve problems.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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