When a belt becomes a blindfold

Practicing martial arts, our aim should not be to master a certain skill to perfection, this is impossible, the goal must be to always understand how to improve our current level of preparation.

Sometimes degrees, belts, trophies and various prizes block our ability to grow and reduce our humility creating a gap between us and others, between our style and the one of the others, between teaching and study.

There is nothing more wrong.

About this there is a very beautiful phrase from Li Lianjie (for all, Jet Li): “When I was ten, I’m afraid of my teacher; twenty, I began realize teachers are just people like everyone else; thirty, I started to think the significance of being a teacher; forty, I appreciate every teacher I met; now I’m fifty, everyone is my teacher”.

Learning never ends, there is always someone better than us, there is always someone who has something to teach us, there is always a right way and a wrong way to be absorbed by our martial spirit, comparisons to be made, steps back to do (etc.).

We need to constantly have the humility to admit that all we firmly believe could be completely wrong.

Only the blind arrogance to think of being at the top of the mountain can prevent us to improve and grow. Do not let the road we have traveled preclude us the one is yet to come. We have to continue to seek and to exploit experience: who is defeated has a direction and an incentive to improve, whoever wins has no way to go on.

Our theses has each time to be subjected to the fire of doubt and never preserved.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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