Lesson 5 – Basic physical preparation: the breakfalls

At the base of everything

After mentioning the rudiments of psychological self-defense, let’s start talking about the physical defense. The first category of techniques that every practitioner must learn and master is that of controlled falls (breakfalls). In this lesson we will see:

  • What are they
  • What are they for
  • How do they work
  • How to train them

6 Dragons Kung Fu has various techniques of controlled fall, the ones that we will see:

  • Are very effective and, with the right training, they are within everyone’s reach
  • Do not require the same athletic level as the more advanced ones

How to fall without getting hurt

The breakfalls are techniques that, during a fight (on the street or in a ring) or even an accidental happening (losing balance on a slippery surface, etc.), put you in a condition to:

  • Break the falls by dispersing the impact energy
  • Get to the ground without suffering (serious) damage
  • Protect the most delicate parts of your body
  • Reach advantageous positions (advanced level)

The concepts that unite the biggest part of the controlled fallings that you will study (from the simplest to the most acrobatic ones), are discussed in the article The fundamental concepts of the fallings and the learning path in What are breakfalls and how to learn them.

The three basic techniques

In order to be prepared for the overwhelming majority of the combat situations you will face (in the street, in a sporting competition, etc.), these three simple techniques are more than sufficient:

Their learning path is relatively simple but what you need to really focus on is to condition your body to their perfect execution:

  • In terms of instinctive speed in the arrangement of the body
  • In terms of conditioning the impacts of the parties involved
  • In terms of coordination in the execution of the right movements

Remember: without this kind of preparation, knowing only at a theoretical level these techniques is almost useless.

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Author: Master Kongling

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