All the 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s social pages and profiles

In order of importance: all the social accounts to follow and why

If you are a real 6 Dragons Kung Fu practitioner, you will find very useful to like and follow all the forms of social presence that our school offers.


  • Official fan page – Updated almost twice per day, it contains big images and descriptions about our new publications (articles, guides, preview of our videos). It is important to follow this page because it is the first place that we update (if, for example, our website is not working, it is here that you can have information). In addition to this, on this fan page, you can comment, ask questions and have direct contact with our staff (for info about our free and Premium courses)
  • 6 Dragons Kung Fu Style – Training Diary (group) – Updated almost daily, it is a private group of our school where in addition to our updates, you can also receive tips and corrections about your training. Here you can ask direct questions to our instructors and / or receive feedback about the videos / photos of your practice. To gain access you have to follow our Core Course of any other of our Premium video courses


  • Master Kongling’s Patreon creator’s page – Updated almost daily, this is where you have to go to follow our Core Course (from white to black belt) and to see our contents 8 days before their public publication; making a monthly donation (starting from Practitioner level) you will receive directly at your e-mail all the theory and practice (lessons, exercise, etc.) that you need to gradually build real martial skills


  • Master Kongling’s profile – Updated almost daily, here you can find photos about what we are working on and our training; in addition to this you can read rapid and simple sum-ups of our contents


  • Pinterest profile – Updated almost twice per day, here you can find fundamentally 3 types of contents: images and link to our new contents, rapid pills that explain the juice of each new tutorial and last but not least collections of images related to martial arts (divided into thematic boards, like weapons, training tools, uniforms, etc.); this profile is a real treasure of inspirational photos and a visual index of the hundreds of 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s articles


  • Twitter profile – Updated almost daily, it contains all the links to the new articles, guides and the preview of our videos. It is useful to follow this profile due to the extremely concentrated sum up of our contents: they are perfect to review our martial study materials, instantly checking what you remember and what not


  • Official Youtube channel – On our channel, you can find all our free visual contents (explanations, tutorials, demonstrations, examples and all the moments that we want to share); all the videos are also grouped in playlists to be seen sequentially


  • Kung Fu Free Course – Simply all the links to the lessons of our free online Kung Fu course (nothing more, nothing less)

With time we will add more.

A note by Master Kongling – We are not real experts in communication and our presence on social media costs us a lot of (daily) hours of hard work. You can sustain our efforts with a like, a follow, a share or, if you can, making a small monthly donation (even 1 buck per month can help). Thanks, without your support, this project would inevitably disappear.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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