A note about the practice of other martial arts

As mentioned earlier, the 6DKF actively invites its practitioners to experience other fighting styles (through stages, seminars, courses, etc.) to:

  • Enlarge our technical background and training (exercises, tools, tactics, etc.)
  • Correct our faults through different visions and alternative teaching methods
  • Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of our potential opponents

Our goal must be to broaden our views (our capacities, etc.) but not as a sponge and in any case without being resized; it is important that:

  • Our personal experiences are not being negated / deprecated
  • Our ideas are corrected / extended but never replaced (eg. in the name of tradition)
  • Our personality (body and mind) is never canceled (eg. for standardization)

Having said that, goes reiterated that if we limit our martial experiences to those who have an open mind, the number of master to choose is likely to dramatically decrease; therefore it is important to be patient taking what we consider useful and discarding what, at the test of facts, for us does not work.

Whatever it will be taught (from correct, respectful and civil masters) will be assimilated with gratitude but not at the expense of the final result. The damage done by a forced and irrational preparation can be very serious:

  • Loss of muscle memory and mechanics (if for example the ways to instinctively react overlap with the one of another style, we risk to block us during a fight situation)
  • Loss of security and self-confidence (the opinion of a big master’s can be very incisive)
  • Speed and power loss, training in a too gentle way can damage our effectiveness (eg. without bringing at sign any shot, to parry in a delicate way, etc.)

This type of damage is greater the more we have a consolidated our approach; in this sense, for those who have already been training for so long, it would be more useful to follow stages/ advanced seminars, wherethe teaching will be about details or new things / rather than full courses.

On the other side, for those who must begin and for those who have never done martial arts, we repeat that it will be more helpful to follow a complete course, from A to Z.

Finally, never forget that to choose our setting, our structure we are and we are still us, because we, in time of danger, we will need something effective that we control and know fully.

It is useless to know the Ninjutsu or JKD (or whatever) if our knowledge is not a closed circle, if we do not master something that works for us.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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