Life and death: dialogue between student and sifu

A few days ago the youngest student of the guan where we practice (8 years) asked a question in a low voice that revealed a great depth of thought. It is therefore worthwhile to share this thread.

  • Uan Zheng: “Sifu, why people die? I do not want to die…”
  • Sifu: “What did you say?”
  • Uan Zheng: “Why do people has to die? Even I have to die?”
  • Sifu: “Do not worry about it, death is just a selfish way of looking at life.”
  • Uan Zheng: “Why?”
  • Sifu: “Because life and death, beginning and end are ideas far from the truth, people has wrong thoughts that bring them to think to possess ourselves and the things that surround us.”
  • Uan Zheng: “Why is death a wrong thought?”
  • Sifu: “When you fall during training and you are injured at a knee, a small part of you, blood, skin or other go away from your body… what happens to that little parts?”
  • Uan Zheng: “They die.”
  • Sifu: “In the eyes of a human being they are dead but in the eyes of the universe it is simply a transformation that took place.”
  • Uan Zheng: “What is a transformation?”
  • Sifu: “When you eat a bowl of rice, rice dies?”
  • Uan Zheng: “No, it breaks and goes into the belly.”
  • Sifu: “And in the belly, what happens?”
  • Uan Zheng: “Half remain in and half go out with the poop.”
  • Sifu: “Right, the part that stays inside where it ends?”
  • Uan Zheng: “It gives to eat to my body, we have no strength without eating.”
  • Sifu: “If a person stops eating what happens?”
  • Uan Zheng: “Become slim slim skinny…”
  • Sifu: “So what it is a transformation?”
  • Uan Zheng: “When food becomes a man?”
  • Sifu: “Right. In the universe occur continuous transformations but men are a bit ‘distracted and look only to those that interest and astonish them, so for example they distinguish life from death without noticing that they die and reborn every moment of their existence… they never be equal to themselves… not in their body not in their mind… nor even for an instant… “
  • Uan Zheng: “So everything is a transformation and people can never die?”
  • Sifu: “We are all part of one great being that continues to transform and even when we think of losing someone important, in reality, in the continuous mixing of existence, separations are only temporary, sooner or later we will return to touch ourselves, in a different form, in a different way but it will happen. Try to be tollerant with everyone and everything, you have no enemies.”
  • Uan Zheng: “I got it. But if…”
  • Sifu: “I see, you have a lot of questions but I do not have all the answers… think about this and verify with your mind what I said, then use your life to find and share the truth.”
  • Uan Zheng: “All right!”

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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