Why 90% of your blows can be predicted

Fighting tips (beginner / intermediate level)

How to become unpredictable in combat

In this video, we talk about some of the most common tactical errors in combat and how to fix them (read also The 10 most common combat mistakes). The good news is that: these basic fighting concepts are instantaneously implementable.

The key to improve your fighting skills in 1 second

The reason why most of your attacks are predictable is that: you fight in the same way you perform any kind of human complicated task.

The loop is: you think to opportunities, you prepare and then you act… but in combat, it should be exactly the opposite… let’s see how.

Tip 1

  • Strategy and tactic must be prepared during your daily training
  • When the fight is started, you cannot fill such large gaps, it’s too late
  • Even the study of the opponent must be done before the struggle begins

When you are at the moment of the physical contact the loop must be:

  • Execute – Instinctively and instantaneously adapt one of the most suitable strategies for the current scenario
  • Prepare – Transform the more or less positive consequences of your action in the most favorable possibilities
  • Think – Use the time between action and preparation to assess the right strategy to reach your goal (flee, prevail and so on)

Tip 2

To be more practical, let’s make an example. When you kick or you punch:

  • You must not insistently look at your target
  • You must not think of the technique you want to execute
  • You must not forcibly load as much as you can your blows

You’re done if you act so: you are telegraphing your intentions.

Better to be fast and unpredictable rather than “powerful” but slow and predictable.

Tip 3

Blow’s strength must come from explosive training, not from the time / space of loading.

The secret of the most simple but effective attacking technique is a straight line from the starting point A to the target point B:

  • No loading
  • No deviations
  • No vibrations


If you are a martial arts practitioner, the beautiful thing is that you can implement this method instantaneously: you do not need years and years of training to make this small but important change.


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