Unwanted ads on 6 Dragons Kung Fu Home Page

05/03/2019 – Site recovered

  • For some months our website showed unwanted advertisements on all of our pages (which redirected to a site named “cobalten”).
  • These were promotional messages that replaced the opening of our articles (without our knowledge, unfortunately, they were visible only to users not logged in).
  • We are pleased to announce their removal.
  • It was a superficial attack that did not cause any other damage (besides the annoyance).
  • If other similar incidents occur (aggressive advertising, not related to Kung Fu or martial arts) please let us know promptly by writing to [email protected].
  • We want to underline that on our site it is difficult to find advertising (in particular if not relevant to our courses, martial equipment, etc.).
  • We care about the quality of our content and the general decoration of the site.
  • We have installed new protections and security in such a way as to limit the occurrence of further problems of this type.
  • We apologize for the inconvenience and wish you good practice.

21/08/2018 – Site recovered

  • Recently we had experienced unwanted pop-up advertising and / or redirects to SPAM websites in 6 Dragons Kung Fu homepage (mobile version only).
  • The site has been attacked by spammers.
  • We have solved the problem, now the site is completely safe.

Special thanks

  • JKDWarrior – For the rapid reporting
  • Razorblade – For the rapid reporting
  • Neruda – For the technical help

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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