The ultimate expression of the muscle chain

The muscular chain has multiple levels of formulation, the highest and effective is the one that flows through softness (eg. as occurs in Tai Chi), the lower one through the rigidity or semi-rigidity (as is the case in the vast majority of sports).

The rigid chain is slightly more “easy” to acquire, instead, if we want to use the softness in our fighting style (in the real context of a clash), we must opt for a more serious practice and continued steadily over time. We need:

  • A spatial intelligence and a timing as to cut time and space to load effective blows
  • Experience enough to instinctively decide from where and to where charge the flow

This is the reason why the softness is rarely studied in fight sport or in terms of self-defense:

  • It requires a long specific training on which very few people have the desire, confidence and willingness to play
  • Involves the mind much more than the majority of people are willing or able to withstand
  • Another reason is that if the opponent during a fight does not leave us time and space to flow this (extremely) powerfull force, we’re done

The 6DKF choose not to ignore the ultimate expression of the muscle chain (with softness) because while it is not a always-working solution, on the other side:

  • It gives us the opportunity to demonstrate, before beginning a fight an overwhelmingly superiority to our opponents
  • In many cases it gives us a way of throwing unexpected blows of unprecedented power (blows that ends the fight)
  • The more we train, the more we restrict the circle of people who will be able to impede the putting into practice of this technique

In 6DKF rigidity and softness coexist and connect but never mingle. Every moment, every instant we must be ready to adapt and change with the mutation of situations.

In the next article we will see some practical example of muscle chain.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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