The Spiral Muscle Chain: twists and screws of the body

In terms of power, many of the better performing parts of our body are unfortunately also those that are normally be excluded from (active) involvement in the combat activity.

We are talking about the devastating force that can be triggered for example from:

  • The abdominal muscles
  • The dorsal muscles
  • The lumbar muscles
  • Combinations (even of small muscles)

When an advanced 6DKF’s practitioner gain a basic familiarity with the linear muscle chain (which we have already spoken) arrives for him the time to evolve to a next step in the management of his “martial body”.

We introduce therefore, within the idea of muscle connection: twists and spins. Although it is easy to see that this type of movements are the key to unleash the greatest amount of power it must be underlined that:

  • Without proper physical conditioning we seriously risk to damage ourself
  • On the other side, without the necessary ability to synchronize and connect, all the power dissipates

After a long training solidly focused on the linear muscle chain (increase and performance measurement) we will become gradually able to attach / include within our sequences even the most difficult elements to be involved (big or small they are).

This is not an easy result to be achieved, in essence we have to perfectly harmonize:

  • The twists / screw connections
  • The breathing
  • The linear muscle chain
  • The management of our body mass
  • The vibrations (which we have already spoken)
  • The Dragon Motion (which we have already spoken)
  • Our flexibility
  • Our conditioning
  • Our balance
  • Our explosive force
  • Our relaxation

In the next articles of this series we will see the first exercises to develop the consistent use of twists, how to increase their intensity and finally how to consistently connect everything to our fighting system.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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