The paths of deception

After mentioning the four (main) types of deception that we will discuss and having gradually focused their most common point (the “distraction”), let’s try to analyze what are the forced paths that allow us to convey our “fallacious messages”.

First, it should be emphasized that there are:

  • Active / passive distractions created by us
  • Fortuitous distractions (independent from us)

Not necessarily the “distraction” has to be the result of our intervention; the attention of our opponent can easily be focused on something quite unexpected; 2 simple examples:

  • A lightning strikes, the opponent is distracted
  • A dog barks, the opponent is distracted

This way, the “distraction” becomes “opportunity”: when it presents spontaneously we must exploit it (without being its victims), when it does not show up, it should be created. Very simple.

From here we can pass to review the channels that our deceptive message must necessarily follow, these channels are the senses (in order of general importance):

  • Mind (as a logical ability and previous experience)
  • View
  • Hearing
  • Touch
  • Smell
  • Taste

The combination of one or, preferably, more distorted signals (but consistent with each other) in these channels allows us to create fake mental situations, fake but credible.

This way illusionists think, so we think in the 6DKF.

There are many more things to say but it’s better to go step by step and make sure we understand the fundamental basis of the argument. In the next article we will see how / when / why a deception can penetrate the barriers of the mind, and when it cannot.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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