The metal sphere: how to release the force of a punch or a kick

This is a very important concept that allows us to easily release a lot more power than how much a normal person can impress in his hits.

Let’s see how:

  • Let’s imagine that our arm or our leg is a plastic tube
  • Let’s imagine that in this tube is locked a metal ball (the force)
  • Let’s imagine that the outer end of the tube (our hand for example) is open but locked enough to prevent the ball from going out
  • Well, the best way to release our power is to force the ball to run all over the tube length (for example, from the elbow to the palm of the hand)
  • We must strike with the idea of slide at high speed the ball in the tube in exit direction
  • The idea is to give enough power to make it out of the tube
  • The more the path given by our movement will not encounter obstacles (vibrations, etc.), more the thrown force will be great
  • Especially in absence of targets we have however to be careful to do not bring our joints up to its limits or we will start to hurt us
  • If we reach the limit of our joints a part of the power it will be dispersed on our bone / ligaments / muscles
  • At the last moment we have to make a move somehow between a “whiplash” and a “vibration” to free the force and return in position

This concept works for free body, rigid weapons, darts and so on; it is the basis of some of the more effective, fast, powerful, secure and unpredictable shots of 6 Dragons of Kung Fu.

Let’s try to really train imagining to have the metal balls in the body parts we use to strike (forearms, shoulders, head, etc.); this practice will help us to find and develop also our internal energy.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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