The free online Kung Fu course’s fate

Why are there no new lessons?

A lot of practitioners contacted us to ask about our free home study 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s course, asking:

  • Why there are no new lessons
  • When it will resume
  • What happened

We are writing this article to reply to them.

These are our problems

The course is not stopped but we are facing big difficulties:

  • To write a new lesson we need at least 4-5 hours (writing, translating, correcting, sharing, etc.)
  • We are facing (proportionally) large expenses (new  computers, video capture devices, software, etc.)
  • We are totally out of budget (both in terms of times, both in economic terms)

Especially for Master Kongling (who is dedicating his entire life only to martial arts sharing), this project is becoming completely economically unsustainable.

How can you help us

We are infinitely grateful to our first 2 donors (read The 1st 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s donor: thank you and The 2nd 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s donor: thank you) but this is too few: we need more supporters.

If you like our work and you want to make us give you more consider this:

  • The 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s website has thousands and thousands of visitors who consistently follow everything we publish
  • Even if only a small percentage of these people were able to make a donation (even a small one, from $1 per month, see our Patreon page for info), we would be immediately able to finance all that is necessary for the sustenance of the course

In a few words: we need your help.

In exchange for your contribution, you will also receive special advantages to improve your martial growth (more info).

Thanks, Master Kongling & the 6DKF’s Team.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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