The deception and the functions of the mind

As for our discussion (without being too technical), the set of brain capacities that govern the behavior and reactions to external stimuli of the human beings may be summarized as follows:

  • Quick thinking
  • Previous experiences
  • Reasoning method

These 3 elements attached to the senses can be easily put in parallel to the functionality of a computer:

  • The previous experiences, what we have stored (from what we have studied, tested, etc.) are the “files” that gradually we add, eliminate and / or modify on our mind hard drives
  • The quick thinking roughly corresponds to the hardware capabilities of the computer (processor power, amount /speed of RAM, etc.), to our ability to process and collect data in a fast, efficient and error-free mode
  • The senses (mind this time is excluded), are the external devices and their level of performance (webcam and its resolution, scanner, microphone, etc.)
  • The method of reasoning is finally the software that connects the collected data (previous experiences), the computing capacity (quick thinking) and the real-time data (senses)

Undertanded this comparison is easy to see that the mind can be surely deceived, not so much when the opponent has poor quick thinking or undeveloped senses but rather when:

  • It has few or zero previous experience in relation to the field of deception (eg. telling a lie about the internal parts of a car to a child, or making an articulated feint to a neophyte of martial arts)
  • The method of reasoning he uses to process data (in present, past and future) is not good (eg. those people who think in clichs or who absolutizes individual experiences)

What we have said so far is true as regards the conscious deception, the one in which our mind directly addresses to the opponent’s mind; in the next article we will talk instead of unconscious deception and subliminal suggestions (then slowly we will pass from theory to practice).

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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