The Core Course’s structure

What is the Core Course?

The Core Course is the most important and complete learning path of 6 Dragons Kung Fu: from white to black belt.

A note by Master Kongling – A belt is only a belt and by itself, it is useless (read When a belt becomes a blindfold) but the exams behind it (read Kung Fu exams: online graduation), if done seriously: represent a fundamental moment of systematization of knowledge that otherwise never happens (this is the real value and not the “title” achieved).

The lessons’ structure

The Core Course contains:

  • Theory (techniques, combat tactics, tips, etc.)
  • Practice (exercises, conditioning, recovery methods, etc.)
  • Synthetic knowledge (common mistakes, key points, etc.)

Each lesson has been designed to:

  • Be fast to read
  • Be easy to review / consult
  • Be connected with all the 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s resources
  • Allow the practitioner to be an active part of the learning
  • Be as practical as possible
  • Be interactive (a dedicated instructor replies to the questions and corrects the videos of practice)
  • Be easy to update and correct (it continues to improve, even thanks to the questions of our students)

Why is the Core Course not a classical video course?

We offer many video courses (dedicated to specific topics) but for the Core Course, we have made a “less popular” choice (result of years of experiments): written lessons (supported from time to time by multimedia content).

The fact is that we have tried many different teaching approaches to home study (video lessons, etc.) but in the end, the result was never satisfying.

The limits of the normal approach

A note by Master Kongling – If watching videos were enough to become martial arts practitioners, thanks to the social networks, we should all have incredible skills.

With time, we have understood that the classical methods were working (and work) only for specific / limited topics.

When it comes to daily training and step by step lessons (from beginner to expert), people dropped out of courses halfway through due to:

  • The necessary time to visually see the study materials
  • Difficulties to review the concepts in old lessons
  • Technical necessities (videos are not always easy to see)
  • A decreasing level of emotional focus

What we have seen is that only the present method works in terms of:

  • Longevity of the practice
  • Quality of the results

Reading short but intense lessons, our students actively use their minds to make the techniques to work and then, our instructors correct their eventual errors.

It is no longer a question of being passive spectators watching a video (eg. while doing something else) but of people who, even if for a short time, use 100% of their concentration to understand and apply what they are reading. This is the big difference.

An unhorthodox way

The one we offer is not a standard approach to Kung Fu study nor an easy / effortless path but it is the only that allows the students to truly understand how to build real martial skills:

  • If we follow the instructions
  • If we train with constancy and discipline
  • If we face the gradual difficulties proposed
  • If we are focused on improving each day
  • If we are concrete and honest with ourselves

There is no way that we can fail to reach the proposed goals.

The numbers

Well knowing the number of people that normally leave the live courses (of any martial art), the fact that 90% of our practitioners do not interrupt the course is:

  • On one side a great satisfaction
  • On the other, the best proof that this method is, yes, unorthodox but functional (read also The use of unorthodox methods)

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If you have more questions, you can also read Learn Kung Fu online: a beginner-to-expert course.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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