The 6DKF’s Solid Contacts

In 6DKF the Solid interactions are the ones common to the vast majority of martial arts, in the previous discussion we have cataloged them as related to strength and endurance but this is not entirely accurate, in fact it should be pointed out that each technique:

  • It can be carried in a lot of ways (rigid or flexible, elastic or at dispersion, etc.)
  • It’s closely related (if not consequential or contemporary) to those that precede and those that follow it
  • Has to be adapted to the context in which it is performed (speed, direction, power, strategic value, etc.)

Let’s now see what we mean with “solid contact” through practical examples.

Hitting and tackle:

  • To attack in classic way (kicking, punching, elbowing, shouldering, etc.)
  • Scratching / bite (tear, provide abrasion, etc.)
  • Stimulate pressure points (pain points, lethal, etc.)
  • Parry (either directly, such as simple displacement, etc.)
  • Opposing force against force (eg. a strong/conditioned part against a weak part)
  • Absorb opposing force (eg. a strong/conditioned part against force)

Lock and subdue:

  • Hold / immobilize the opponent
  • Various key joints
  • Strangulations

Push and Pull:

  • Projecting our strength on the opponent
  • Engage the opponent between two forces (eg. knee and elbow)
  • Drag / yank the opponent

Some of the cited interactions are not too favorable and should be used only in the case where other techniques fail of effectiveness, but, we still have to take them into consideration because they represent a further and sometimes more effective fighting tool (a last chance to prevail).

A clear example: the basic parry (the one that absorbs much of the impact of the opponent attack) forces us to endure pain or a slight damage but at the same time can save us from more negative outcomes (severe damage, guard opening, etc.).

Many martial arts stop to the solid aspect of the fight, the 6DKF try to go further annexing even liquid techniques (sometimes more favorable but more difficult to apply), which we discuss in the next article.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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