The 6DKF’s Liquid and Fluid Contacts

Normally, the body attitude of the 6DKF is stabilized at a total absence of tension. Are the interactions we choose to have with opponents that prompt us to assume completely or partially rigid or flexible poses.

When the opponent is too strong, we should not confront it directly on the side of brute force, we need to have recourse, as appropriate, to 2 types of flexibility:

  • Liquid
  • Fluid

The liquid flexibility is the one that allows us to support and channel the opponent’s blows:

  • In part absorbing power
  • In part diverting its direction
  • In part by applying a force (in most of cases curvilinear)

The fluid flexibility is what allows us to fool the opponent’s senses and / or reach (attack / defense) positions favorable, these techniques does not require any interaction that goes beyond:

  • The touch of the opponent’s body
  • The slip on the opponent’s body
  • The illusion to going to touch him

However, we must not imagine attacks / defenses solids, liquids and fluids as separate elements but rather as contemporary, consequential and / or blurred with each other (the glue that holds together these states are muscle chain, Qi, dynamic equilibrium, etc.).

In the next article we will mention some examples and exchanges between solid, liquid and fluid.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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