The 3 alerts of a Shaolin monk

To be a true martial artist it is not only the gaining of fighting skills (technical, power, etc.), it means learning how to control ourselves beyond what happens outside of our body and our mind.

What we learn in terms of martial skills is nothing if we can not bring the strength of our minds at the same power level of our body. For a true practitioner of 6 Dragons Kung Fu, physical confrontation is the last possible option.

To understand this we find solace in a legendary and ancient rule of the Shaolin monks:

  • The first time someone attacks us, we do not react and without a word, we limit ourselves to do not to be affected
  • The second time someone attacks us, we do not react but we are obliged to warn him that a third attack will cause a reaction
  • Only at the third attack we are allowed to react

Of course, only highly trained warriors can afford not to react (the monks spend their whole days to train and strengthen their body), an amateur may not be subject to a so severe rule and, in fact, this is not directly what interests us: what must be an example for us is the essence of peace that lives at the basis of a so complete moral rigor.

This is the ultimate expression of the discipline to which we can aspire, to control, subjugate our baser instincts and apply them peaceful reason. As long as there is an alternative, until we can find an escape, we have to follow it, no matter how humiliating it may seem: it will never be as humiliating as having to resort to violence instead of the mind.


If it is true that Shaolin monks were extremely prepared, it is also true that as in the past as now exist and existed other very strong martial arts practitioners; this means that to accept to withstand to more attacks, even for the most skilled martial artist, is / was equal to expose himself to a mortal danger, equal to put the value of his integrity above the value of his own life.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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