Sum and concatenate the power of body elements

Each limb, or better, each element of our body is able to express a given performance that goes from 0% to 100% (in terms of speed, power, precision, etc.), but, it is interesting to highlight that this potential is:

  • Incredibly less than what our brains could dynamically handle
  • Almost always less than what could bear a (trained, healthy and warm) given limb within the limits of his mobility
  • Different and asymmetric between the different parts of our body (eg. Right hand and left hand, legs and arms, etc.)

These three assertions automatically suggest us one thing: if we can concatenate or sum the effectiveness of the various elements of our body, the potential efficiency that may be used could exceed a lot of times the 100% that we mentioned earlier and without any damage (in combat, in sport or in any physical exercise).

Before going into the details, it’s necessary to explain a distinction that in 6DKF is very important, when we talk about:

  • Chaining, we are alluding to the muscle chain, Internally connect the largest possible number of Adjacent body elements
  • Sum, we are alluding instead to the connection of Non-Adjacent body elements via External contact to the body

In future articles we will see what it means, in practice, concatenate and sum the effectiveness of the various parts of our body (we will see how, why and when it’s worth doing, when it works and when not).

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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