Strengthen the hand hold with walnuts: 3 exercises

In 6DKF we try to avoid as much as possible to grab the opponent, but when we must or when we have a good opportunity we need to be sure that our grip is not only solid but also able to cause pain/damage to the opponent.

Here are some exercises that, over time, will make our handshake powerful and effective:

  • 1) Let’s take 1 walnut and let’s close our hands with the idea of breaking it (rapidly contract-release, contract-release, making this move let’s use our whole arm and the rest of the body); let’s spend the walnut freely in our hands in order to learn to immediately identify the break point, the type of firmer grip and the better pose to release power
  • 2) Let’s press, a finger at a time, a walnut without the others intervening in the effort; we pay attention to the way we shake (the grip must be strong / stable) and the way / direction in which we put the force
  • 3) To develop the explosive force of fingers, let’s take 2 walnuts, let’s throw them in the air, let’s grab them with open hands and let’s close them aggressively (with the idea of breaking them); let’s try to involve the whole arm, the rest of the body and especially the wrists

Some tips (especially important for the beginners of this kind of conditioning):

  • When our hands hurt us it is necessary to stop the exercise, a consistent growth requires patience
  • The exercises that stress the muscles of the hands should never be executed for consecutive days (every 3-4 days is ideal)
  • Let’s avoid too long times of muscle tension (10 minutes for exercise are fine to begin with)
  • Let’s listen to the messages of our body, we have to give our hands time to recover (we must always be efficient enough to fight)
  • Let’s be carefull when we become able to broke the walnut, we can involontary cause damage
  • Let’s always take 1 walnut per hand, 2 in a single hand are very easy to broke

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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