Stealth walking: Technique 1

After seeing the introduction and the basic exercise for the silent walking finally we see the first technique, the more general (there are several, each of which adapts to different situations and different physical requirements).

What we are going to describe is a 6DKF’s “adaptation” of methods used in Ninjutsu, it allows a good speed and a stealth rather high.


  • First, let’s do some ‘stretching / warming (even the best of the performances can be ruined by things like bones snapping, etc.)
  • Let’s imagine to have all the time we need, let’s relax our body and our mind, we should not keep any physical or psychological tension / stiffness
  • Let’s introduce into our minds the idea that we are not trying to move in the environment, WE ARE part of the environment and therefore it is not hostile
  • Let’s choose a path from A to B (let’s re-read the previous articles)
  • Before starting we have to quickly analyze which path is more convenient to follow (to avoid obstacles, dangers, forced passages, etc.)
  • The key words are harmony of body and mind in sync with breath
  • Let’s lower our center of gravity slightly forward bending our knees, head and torso (this will give us more stability)
  • We start with one foot forward and one back completely flat on the floor, our weight is on the leg behind (we must always be able to quickly retreat)


  • Let’s lengthen our arms gently forward with hands open and relaxed, we have to describe in the air, circular, smooth and harmonic movements
  • Let’s superimpose our arms as an “x” without that they touch each other in any way
  • The arms are not fully extended, our position is a movable guard
  • The foot that advances raises before the fingers and then the heel
  • As the foot is lifted we inhale and we release our arms horizontally (to distribute our weight in space)
  • The arms move outward describing circles with the hands parallel to the ground and then they return to the starting guard pose (the motion is continuous, non-fragmented)
  • The foot goes gently in front of us and lands inclined outwardly by 45 in a quite central position (towards our center of gravity)
  • The first part that touches the ground is the back-outside of the heel and harmoniously blend to the tip of the toes (like a half moon)
  • The step is exploratory, the weight should remain on the leg back until we are sure of not causing any audible reaction or loss of balance
  • If we are sure, let’s fully and stably pull down the foot, this is important, only after a good pose we can transfer to him our body weight
  • While we transfer our body weight on the front leg, we exhale and bring the body forward
  • Let’s do not load the weight of our body in the direction of the support leg, but we try to keep it in line with our center of gravity (this way we will have a better distribution the pressure load)
  • When we are completely flat on the ground we start with the next foot but without simultaneously sum the weight of the landing to the one of the heaving (at least in the phase of study the 2 moments must be consequential but separate)

In the next article we will see a few more details, fixes to common problems and solutions.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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