Stealth walking: an introductory exercise

As we have already said we do not want to walk silently, we want to reproduce rhythm, intensity, duration (etc.) of normal noises, the sounds that escape us needs to be reasonable in the scenario in which we move.

Before learning the technique, is important to understand the theory behind it:

  • More our weight is equally distributed on our limbs, less will be the compression on the surface on which we move
  • More our steps will be short in time, the less our weight rests on the surface on which we move
  • More our walk will be harmonious, precise and elastic the less they will produce noise
  • The more we control our body, the more we will be able to be silent and to avoid making involuntary movements
  • The more the surface is smooth, solid and compact the less it will emit noise when stepped on (eg. rock)
  • More the surface is elastic more it will absorb the noises
  • The more the soles of our shoes are soft, elastic and non-stick the less they will produce noise
  • The more we will be relaxed and calm, the more we use breathing the less we will do errors

Less noise we make the better is but on certain surfaces it’s really difficult to efficently distribute the weight of a human being. let’s see an introductory exercise:

  • Let’s wear our usual shoes
  • Let’s establish a starting point A and an end point B (12-50 meters)
  • Let’s start with short distances, plane surfaces and simple paths
  • Let’s read the previous article keeping in mind this one
  • Let’s walk from A to B counting the noises we make
  • For each mistake let’s ask ourselves why we did wrong and let’s try to find a remedy
  • Let’s repeat the path until we issue any noise
  • When we will make no sound let’s increase the difficulty
  • The difficulty varies in terms of time, distance, type of surface and obstacles

This training, as well as it will help us to understand how diffcult is to make no sound, it will also teaches us to manage many of the side aspects to the mere theory of technique. In the next article we will see finally the stealth walking.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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