Stealth walking: an introductory exercise

The basic concepts of stealth walking

As Ninjutsu teaches us, the same concepts that we have introduced talking about invisibility in the crowd (read Be invisible in the crowd: divert attention), returns in stealth walking:

  • To do not get noticed we do not (only) need to walk silently
  • We want to reproduce rhythm, pace, intensity, duration (etc.) of the neutral noises of the scenario in which we are
  • The point is that sounds that escape us need to be reasonable in the environment in which we move
  • We have to blend with the surrounding, become a natural part of it

To learn the various techniques of stealth walking, it is important to understand the theory behind them:

  • The less is the weight we concentrate in a single area, the less will be the noise generated
  • The more our weight is equally distributed on our limbs, the less will be the compression on the surface on which we move
  • The more we move, the more we make unwanted and uncontrolled noises invisibility is a matter of patience, read Patience)
  • In terms of time, the more our steps have a short duration, the less our weight risks to cause unwanted noises
  • The more our walk is harmonious, precise and elastic, the less it produces noise (read The path to the soft movements)
  • The more we can (fully) involve our body in the movement, the more the weight will be equally distributed (read The path to the soft movements)
  • The more we have control on our body, the more we are able to be silent and to avoid making involuntary displacements of our limbs
  • The more the surface is smooth, solid and compact the less it emits noises when stepped on (a clean rock area, the tiles, etc.)
  • The more the surface is elastic, compact and thick, the more it absorbs the noises
  • The more the soles of our shoes are soft, elastic and non-stick, the less they produce noise
  • The more we are relaxed and calm (and the more we control our breathing read Meditation method 1), the less we will do errors (read )

A note by Master Kongling – The less noise we make, the better it is but on certain surfaces, it’s really difficult (if not impossible) to efficiently distribute the weight of a human being and therefore avoid noises.

A preparatory exercise for stealth walking

Let’s see a basic introductory exercise:

  • Let’s wear our usual shoes
  • Let’s establish a starting point A and an endpoint B (12-50 m)
  • Let’s start with short distances, flat surfaces and simple paths
  • Let’s walk from A to B counting the noises we make
  • For each mistake let’s ask ourselves why we did wrong and let’s try to find a remedy
  • Let’s repeat the path until we issue any noise (especially the ones that are not suitable in the current scenario)
  • When we will make no unwanted sounds let’s increase find a harder path
  • The difficulty varies in terms of time, distance, type of surface and obstacles involved
  • Finally, in point B we can place a person turned away (read 5 effective ways to find a training partner), indicating whether we have been discovered or not (the goal is to take him / her by surprise)

A note by Master Kongling – This training, as well as it helps us to understand how difficult is to make no sound, it will also teach us to manage many of the side aspects that the mere theory cannot cover.

Final notes

A few conclusive thoughts:

  • Stealth walking it is art, it is made of patience and constant practice (read How to acquire special abilities)
  • To perform training sequences of silent walking it is not only a way to gain stealth skills but also to learn to control / feel our body
  • This exercise is good not only for those who want to gain real stealth-related skills but also for body perception

In the next article of this series, we will finally see the first stealth walking technique (read Stealth walking: Technique 1).

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