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Kung fu lessons

How can I start to learn Kung Fu?

We have 4 phases (read /// Subscribe (it's free!) or Login to see this content ///), if you are a total beginner start from here Howto start practicing from scratch. If instead, you prefer a video course choose this one Basic 6 Dragons Kung Fu Exercises.

How to learn Kung Fu? What is the best way?

The best way is the multiple approach: first of all you have to train individually, then with friends, following a course and sometimes participating in stages (better if related to different martial arts). It would be wrong to follow only one of these roads (read Why martial arts do not work: 5 reasons and A scheme to quickly learn any kind of technique).

Is it really true that I can learn Kung Fu online?

If you are asking about traditional Kung Fu, I must reply that it is very hard
but everything depends on your determination. On the other side, 6 Dragons Kung Fu is the first martial art specifically designed for high-quality home-study learning (with all the limits we can have, read 
Online learning and martial arts: is it possible?

If I buy your courses, can learn Kung Fu at home? Have I to go to a specific place?

You can train at your home (as I do) but only if it has the basic characteristics of a safe training area (read How to train without risks and Training area and external people [ Free video course ]).

What is the best Kung Fu training (for beginners) at home?

The fundamental technical exercises of 6 Dragons Kung Fu (read /// Subscribe (it's free!) or Login to see this content ///). If you want to learn them with video explanations go here Basic 6 Dragons Kung Fu Exercises.

How I organize my Kung Fu training?

Read this mini-guide Online Kung Fu training: exercises and tools.

Combat-related questions

How to dodge punches?

Read this Preparing body to dodge punches (“U” motion). It is important to stress that if your opponents are skilled you will never dodge all of their attacks, the first thing to learn is to cover your weak points.

What is the best combat breathing?

It depends on your skill level and from the type of fight (read The 6DKF’s combat breathing). If you have the mouthguard you can try to breathe simultaneously with both mouth and nose; without protections and at a close distance, you have to maintain your teeth closed so it is better to breathe with your nose. In both cases, you should use controlled diaphragmatic breathing (or at least abdominal).

Training tools

When will I start using the wooden dummy?

First of all, I must stress that our wooden dummy is not exactly the same as the Wing Chun’s one (see it here 6DKF’s speed training with the wooden dummy). Said this if you use the right protections (gloves, etc.), you can start whenever you want, otherwise, you should wait for a good conditioning level (read Conditioning check for the impact). In a lot of schools, you pass to the Muk Yan Jong only after a few years (and it is not a so bad habit it is an advanced tool).

In 6 Dragons Kung Fu do you use the Wing Chun dummy in the same way?

No, the training could be similar but we focus on different approaches. (I also want to emphasize that Wing Chun is not the only style of Kung Fu that uses wooden dummies).

Website’s structure

Where can I find all the Kung Fu lessons?

All the textual lessons are here. All the video courses are here. If you are searching for a starting point to find all the 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s resources that we offer, go here (this is the most important page of this website).

You are the first schools that honestly promotes its “competitors” and I appreciate you for this, my question is: will you add more information in real masters section (about Chiu Chi-Ling, Shi Yan Ming, Cecep Arif Rahman, Rener Gracie, etc.)?

Thanks, yes, we are planning to add more contents. The real masters’ list was born simply as a tribute but it has been used as a map for good quality instructors: we will try to make it more useful.

Where can I find the video Kung Fu lessons online?

You can see the video section of this website. If you want a more straight line of learning you can see our in-depth video courses.


Will you add more articles about stealth colors?

Probably yes.


Why “Dragon” Kung Fu?

Because the dragon is a human invention, and it is inspired by many animals (see An epic video about the 6 Dragons of 6DKF).

Do you have more questions?

Write at: [email protected].

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Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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