Practical applications of the Dragon Motion

So far we have analyzed the Dragon Motion mainly in terms of body conditioning, in this discussion we want to start talking about its practical applications within the combat mechanics.

We made the first mention of the usefulness of this particular type of movements in the article “The 6DKF Dragon Motion: the swirling movements” (and many others), now we want to show how it can be used.

The Dragon Motion can be used to:

  • Hide or change the target we want to hit; unlike a straight motion, a curvilinear motion can be redirected very easily, in a small space / time and in any direction (it is sufficient to widen / narrow the amplitude of the revolutions or joining other ones)
  • Block the opponent’s actions with the aid of the centrifugal force by adding to the successive muscular force the one given by the rotation (eg. wrapping a punch with a spiral movement that can break the elbow’s joint)
  • Project the opponent on the ground without any effort, taking advantage of the moment of his strength and connecting his trajectory to our motion (it is very hard to resist to a kinetic energy without knowing its real direction)
  • Hit in a single motion 2 or more sequential targets, one for each revolution (eg. wrist-shoulder-jaw, solar plexus-ribs, etc.)
  • Hide or change the intensity and / or timing of a movement; through tiny and almost imperceptible rotations during the path (eg. a kick that looks like to follow a simple curve is actually made up of more and more swirls that may, depending on the case, slow down / intensify the power of the attack)
  • Concentrate a large amount of power by utilizing a spiral charge (with decreasing circles in terms of size) that takes advantage of a longer path than what space would allow us to use
  • Hit at great intensity even at extremely close distance, triggering an unexpected explosive force (made of circular vibrations, muscle chains, etc.)


  • To do all this we need to bring our Dragon Motion to the level of intensity and accuracy that only a conditioned body can handle
  • The training method has no secrets, it is what we propose, if we have the constancy of practicing the exercises with constancy, will come the day when its application will be completely natural
  • There are other more advanced Dragon Motion applications but require more advanced skills and knowledge related to the traditional Chinese internal Kung Fu styles (we will see them later)

In the next articles on the Dragon Motion, we will look more in detail on each of the applications mentioned.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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