Muscles chain: the difference between rigid and soft

To understand why the soft muscle chain is superior to that rigid we return to see the strength, the energy, like a metal ball that must flow through a tube (as we mentioned in past articles).

Our aim is to “shake” the pipe so as to throw the ball, well:

  • In the case of the rigid chain (or semi-rigid) we would have to throw with a tube full of chopped joints by rigid segments
  • In the case of soft chain instead we have in hand a flexible-elastic tube with a curvilinear and regular shape

As with the first we would find it hard to throw the ball a few meters away, with the second one it should not be difficult to launch more than 100 meters (without even using force).

We are the tube and the ball (the force) must find a way:

  • Free of obstacles
  • Free of vibrations or unwanted wavering
  • Long enough to load all the power of our body
  • Direct and controlled in a flexible way
  • That follows as much as possible a whiplash trajectory

Only through the softness flows the true strength, the maximum thrust expressed by our body; all the rest can be more effective, faster but always less powerful.

With these preliminar informations we can already start to experiment, in future articles we will see, however, how to specifically develop the muscle chain.


Let’s repeat that muscle chain, if performed incorrectly and without the right conditioning, unleashes a force that can damage our joints (wrists, elbows, knees, shoulders, etc.): at the beginning let’s pay attention and let’s get moving slowly (we have to be gradual).

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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