Meditation method 5

6 Dragons Kung Fu’s 5th Meditation Method can be considered as a part of the 4th Method (read Meditation method 4). While the previous one is a complete meditative oriented activity, this extrapolation can be considered its “portable version; it serves to bring its type of breathing in many other moments of our martial life:


  • Important, we will not repeat the details outlined in other types of meditation (in this specific case, to have more detailed information, let’s see the 4th Method)
  • This type of breathing is suitable for most of the situations / activities that we will face (it can also be done by walking for example) but it is not applicable to everything
  • This practice is not good for fast / explosive or not repeating task like sparring, fighting, footwork (etc.)
  • Whatever our position we have to try to keep our back straight (otherwise it will be difficult to use our lung capacity)
  • We can be seated, lying on the ground, walking, working, doing stretching or (almost) anything else

The method:

  • We have to breathe slowly and in a noisy way
  • During inhalation we have to swell the chest with the air and bring it as high as possible
  • Meanwhile inhale the abdomen narrows
  • The amount of inhalation must be medium-high but we do not have to force us
  • We remain in position in apnea for a medium-low time, suitable for our breathing capacity (no excessive effort, a few seconds are enough)
  • After the apnea let’s exhale, we have to slowly deflate the chest and gradually extend the abdomen (without actively pushing the belly out)
  • The exhalation must be shorter than the inhalation (at least 3/4)


  • We repeat the cycle in groups of 3 or 6 for the time we have decided to spend (eg. for the entire duration of an elongation session, read The easiest method to do the side split)
  • For this method to work in the best way it is important that our mind is only committed to managing our respiration (no other thought must distract us from our focus)
  • In the specific case of stretching it is essential to visualize the flow of our respiration “extended” up to the part of our body that we want to lengthen (let’s imagine that the air that crosses our lungs comes to “massage” the area on which we are working, favoring its extension)
  • The practice is positive if at the end we feel reinvigorated and not exhausted, breathless, aching or head-turning
  • Each method does not exclude the others, let’s be gradual, meditation is a matter of patience

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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