Liquid, Fluid and Solid: an exchange sample

Although if in words it is very difficult to be comprehensive, in this article we show a practical example of swapping between solid liquid and fluid techniques / movements.

This example is not an effective fighting technique but rather an incentive to try our first combinations (the actual techniques of 6DKF are part of a broader discussion that we will develop further below):

Liquid part

  • Let’s imagine an opponent throw a punch to the mouth of our abdomen
  • We have to absorb the outstretched fist with a liquid stance (leaving our body free and soft)
  • As a wave, we have dissipate the energy absorbed with the entire body and, in particular, with arms
  • We also have to rotate slightly on the side channeling out the punch power (we have to gain a position specular to the opponent’s body)
  • Let’s freely flow our arms in a circular motion in the direction of the opponent

Fluid part

  • Let’s imagine that the opponent, after the impact, has an opened guard (his arms are rather expanses)
  • Let’s scroll our hands on the opponent’s arms, from the top to the wrists
  • Let’s try to be quick but natural (what slips hides its intention)
  • Let’s rotate our hands during the movement

Solid part

  • While our fingers slide on the arms we have to kick the opponent’s toes closest to us
  • We have to block the opponent’s foot with all our weight (our foot must be in front of its and not above)
  • At the same time we have to grab the opponent’s wrists (one in each hand)
  • We have to lower our head to align the opponent’s nose to a semi-central area of our forehead
  • Let’s aggressively rotate to the outside the opponent’s wrists with a rotational whip movement (his arms are open)
  • Pivoting with the foot the opponent is automatically projected toward us
  • Let’s do a little jump and let’s unleash the power of the muscle chain (starting from the toes)
  • Let’s hurl our forehead on the opponent’s nose

Let’s repeat that this is not a real fighting technique (lack many details) but, right now, what interests us is to see how we can tie 3 seemingly incompatible aspects (solid, liquid and fluid).

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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