Lesson 5 – Your first conditioning exercises

How to learn to breathe correctly in any situation

For a beginner:

  • The best (most rapid) way to learn how to breathe properly is to do it within simple but specific applications
  • It is not doing things like sparring, study of forms / techniques (these are too complicated contexts)
  • If not absorbed consistently this kind of attitude could take years and years to become a second nature

In this regard, we will use 2 useful practices of 6 Dragons Kung Fu:

One helps you to understand how to breathe, the other how to apply respiration in a practical context: both are essential.

By performing the 2 exercises we are going to show in this lesson:

  • Your respiratory system will automatically start working more effectively
  • You put the bases of the instinctive selection capability of  all 6DKF’s breathing types you will learn (read Lesson 4.3)

Note – This is not the way I have learned the theory related to the importance of breathing, this is the way I have learned to do it truly, practically.

1. Meditation method 5 as an exercise for breathing

Meditation method 5 (described in Meditation method 5) is one of the most important things that you will learn in this course:

  • Behind it, there is an ancient (and known by few) technique to recover / collect Qi (read The use of Qi in the 6DKF’s meaning)
  • It helps you to gain a very high level of relaxation and flexibility

In this learning phase:

  • We do not expect it to allow you to manage your Qi consciously (we will talk about it in the next chapters)
  • Primarily we want you to start putting your concentration on what happens inside you (steps, times, alterations, etc.)
  • Secondarily we want you to use it to start learning in a practical way the cycle of Qi within your body (because it’s a matter of years of dedication)

2. Basic iron palm conditioning as an exercise for breathing

Iron palm represents a very advanced set of skills related to the power of a practitioner (developed in different ways by various kind of martial arts).

The basic exercise to start its development is described in Iron palm conditioning (for beginners) but, at this level:

  • We are absolutely not interested in its real development (we will talk about it in the last chapters)
  • Primarily we want to use its efficacy to start to sync a correct breathing to a focused repetitive movement
  • Secondarily to actually become familiar with the concept of conditioning for resistance (the sooner you start the better it is)

As you can see, compared to a lot of other martial arts, in 6DKF, the development of the most advanced skills starts (with the right precautions) immediately and never ceases to evolve (this allows you to understand what kind of martial quality we want you to reach).

In the next lesson, we will see the first practical applications of the 6DKF’s breathing techniques.

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Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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