Lesson 4 – The weapons in fundamental training

The weapons of 6 Dragons Kung Fu

First I want to stress that: 6 Dragons Kung Fu is against any form of violence, the use of weapons outside of training as well as the reckless abuse of martial technique (read The 3 alerts of a Shaolin monk and The fighter and the warrior).

That said, in addition to free-body combat, our style also teaches the use of various categories of combat instruments:

  • Proper weapons (some from Ninjutsu, some from Shaolin, ecc.)
  • Improper weapons (improvised defense objects, blunt objects, ecc.)
  • Throwing weapons (rocks, knives, ecc.)
  • Impact weapons (sticks, tonfa, ecc.)
  • Cutting weapons (swords, kama, ecc.)
  • Rigid weapons (sai, arnis, ecc.)
  • Flexible weapons (nunchaku, 9 section chain, ecc.)

Note – Firearms (pistols, shotguns, etc.) and hunting weapons (bows, crossbows, etc.) do not fall specifically within our field, even if, in purely theoretical terms, there is no doubt that the psychomotor skills acquired through Kung Fu make immensely more simple learning and using these tools.

What is the application of weapons training?

The design effectiveness of weapons (in terms of mobility, amplification of power, etc.) has much to teach us in terms of combat mechanics and the fact of using them forces us to harmonize with their performance and to improve ours.

This type of training is not optional, it represents a vital part of body education in 6 Dragons Kung Fu (read Learn to use basic weapons).

The target:

  • It is not so much learning to use fighting tools that are thousands of years old
  • It is not a cultural / historical re-evocation of ancient practices / vestiges

The primary idea is to educate your body and mind to use limbs to the maximum of their performance. In this way we are going to improve exponentially:

  • Speed
  • Power
  • Reaching distance
  • Mobility
  • Spatial intelligence
  • Reflexes

Only later the goal becomes the learning of the weapon itself:

  • To be able (in extreme situations) to attempt to disarm potential aggressors (it is not too much logic to teach how to make harmless a weapon that you do not know)
  • To be able to handle “any” type of instrument (even improper) suitable to prevail in situations of personal defense (maybe only as a deterrent without having the need to actually use it)

Over time you will learn to instinctively apply (even in real combat) a wide range of weapon’s capabilities, before inspired by its mobility, then with its actual physicality.

How to learn to use weapons

To learn to use 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s weapons everything starts from the two most fundamental ones (read The basic equipment for training in 6DKF and 6DKF’s basic equipment: explanation):

For these instruments, everything mentioned in Lesson 2.3 (exercises, setting, etc.) is still valid. In the next chapter we will see how to include training with weapons in our daily sessions.

These are the first steps in the path towards the most dangerous and complex weapons, those for which are mandatory:

  • Good reflexes
  • Conditioned limbs
  • High-level spatial intelligence
  • High concentration

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