Lesson 4 – How to prepare for the effort

A small preparation for Kung Fu

In the next chapter we will discuss the foundation of 6 Dragons Kung Fu but, first, you need to prepare your body and your mind.

At this point:

  • We assume that you have obtained a positive medical opinion about the possibility to practice martial arts (see lesson 1.2)
  • We assume that you have verified your physical / mental eligibility for the practice of Kung Fu (see lesson 1.2)
  • We assume that you have practiced the exercise proposed in lesson 1.3 for, at least, 1-2 weeks
  • We take for granted that you have found the right time / space / equipment for your Kung Fu practice (see lesson 1.1)

If you are not sure about these assumptions, please step back to the previous lessons, otherwise, continue reading to project your next few weeks.

Good introductory exercises

Once you have reached the basic level of fitness required, we can move on to the first introductory exercises. Here you can find some useful activities good to prepare your body (you can dedicate each day a time to the one you prefer, there are no constraints):

  • Running (both fast and slow)
  • Jumping (of all kind)
  • Swimming (especially breaststroke)
  • Cycling (both inside and outside)
  • Abs (of all kind)
  • Dance (of all kind)
  • Soft stretching (read Basic soft stretching)

Especially if you are not an athlete and not even a sportsman:

  • You have to move your body but avoiding the sensation of effort (we have time to face this)
  • Psychologically you need to accustom your mind to the positive effect of training
  • Your training ends with the first sensations of effort

IMPORTANT – In the 6DKF you will get used not only to relieve fatigue / frustration, you will face also the physical pain but, trust me: everything must be extremely gradual, otherwise you risk to train as a lion for 4-5 days and to abandon the Kung Fu the following day.

The physical activities to avoid

After mentioning the useful activities, let’s see now those who (only for the moment) should be avoided:

  • Weightlifting (both dynamic and steady)
  • Activities related to the fight (wrestling, boxing, etc.)
  • Sports at a competitive level (Tennis, Basket, Football, etc.)
  • Extreme stretching (power, ballistic, etc.)
  • Weapons exercises (with blades, chains, etc.)
  • Too extreme practices (acrobatics, conditioning, etc.)
  • Generally, all that things where the control of effort does not depend on you

Mental preparation

We will talk about this later and in depth but this is a good moment to:

  • Have your first approach to 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s meditation (the 6DKF’s Meditation method 1 it’s a good introductory exercise, perfect for beginners)
  • Start to change your mind in relation to your diet (read Qi and proper nutrition)

IMPORTANT – Please do not think that meditation is useless, in the advanced part of this Kung Fu course you will need it (to control your body parts, to free your mind during combat, etc.).

In-depth articles

  • Meditation – All our articles and guides about meditation in 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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