Lesson 3 – How to feel the Qi

Do I have to be an expert to perceive my Qi?

You do not have to be a Qi Gong practitioner to perceive your Qi, everyone can do it.

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In the first lesson of this chapter (read Lesson 8.1), we have tried to describe Qi with the words but this is not the best way to understand what we are talking about. The best way to explain what Qi is is to allow you to perceive its manifestation.

A few examples of Qi manifestation

Everyone has his Qi, therefore, we all perceive its action but it is so common that we do not pay any attention to it. There are more or less unusual manifestations of this energy but most of them are continuously part of our daily life.

To get a concrete idea of what it means to perceive your Qi, just pay attention to some sensations that are easy to perceive, let’s see a few examples:

  • The chill – Those rapid muscular contractions that (when your body feels pleasure, it is frightening, etc.) causes a vibration that runs through the whole body
  • The orgasm – That sensation of pleasure that runs through genitals when a man or a woman reaches the peak of the stimulation
  • The tingling – That unpleasant annoyance that we experience when we remain in a position that blocks the normal flow of blood
  • The flaring heat – That outburst of sudden heat that manifests itself in our body in relation to ur sensation / emotions (when we are elated, angry, etc.)

In the particular case of our martial art, we can mention that “strange” sensation that we feel when we practice the vibration-related exercises of 6 Dragons Kung Fu (especially the ones related to the hands, read Speed: the vibration’s exercise).

A note by Master Kongling – Let’s be clear: western medicine has an explanation for these bodily activities but it is simply a different way of seeing the same thing. For example, the chills are described as caused by involuntary brain impulses with the purpose to produce heat to warm the blood flowing through the muscles but it is possible to control this sensation and to cause it voluntarily.

A simple practice to feel the energy flow

Getting used to perceive Qi is not difficult and depends on the degree of awareness that you develop.

Try this exercise:

  • Sit on a chair, in a comfortable position, with a straight back and feet that touch the ground
  • Combine your hands and quickly rub your palms with each other for a few seconds
  • Then stop and move them away 1-2 cm (take care not to close the arms by pressing them against the armpits, arms / shoulders must be relaxed)
  • Keep your palms facing one to the other and listen to the sensations that come (you can also try to separate them and bring them a little closer to feel the difference)
  • You can also keep a steady hand letting the other perform some circular rotation and / or other movements and positions
  • The sensation that you feel is the flow of your Qi (like something that pinches, tingling or boiling, or something pushing

After this exercise:

  • You can try to pass one of the hands on the surface of the body (your or of another person)
  • You do not have to touch but keep your movement a few centimeters away
  • Doing this it is not difficult to perceive the movement of the hand
  • You can also try to make other people “feel” this flow with their eyes closed

After 5-6 months of daily practice, one can come to perceive the various energy points from his body (or the others one), recognizing the different variations of intensity.

Qi flow perception in combat

After years of specific practice, at a close distance and in connection with the other senses (when a practitioner reaches a high level of sensitivity), he can come to perceive the presence / position of the opponent’s limbs even blindfolded (read Advanced training: gradually learn to fight in the dark).

Regarding “distance sensitivity” in combat, it is important to underline that it is not anything supernatural, it is “simply” a matter of:

  • Knowing human anatomy and the basic physics of combat
  • Having good spatial memory and spatial intelligence (read The most important skill in combat)
  • Quick reasoning and focus (to separate the interesting stimuli from the secondary ones)
  • Sharpen the senses to the point of perceiving even the smallest air movements (not so hard)
  • Perceive the temperature change (hard, even if during combat our temperature is higher)
  • Perceive electric variations (extremely hard)

Reaching these results requires great training and learning to do it, at the speed of combat, requires absolute and specific dedication (for example it can be used to prevent a shoulders aggression, if you are focused enough).

A note by Master Kongling – In Ninjutsu (grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi teaches it, read also Concentration and abstraction in combat) there is an exercise where the practitioner, seated from behind and with his eyes closed, must avoid the stroke of a Katana from the top, without knowing when it will actually arrive. The principle is the same.

In the next lesson, we will have a first approach with the exercises of Qi Gong.

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