Lesson 1 – why controlled breathing is so important

What will we talk about in this chapter

In this chapter we will analyze:

  • Why breathing is important and what it is for
  • Risks and opportunities related to a good / bad breathing
  • The basic theory of respiration
  • The types of breathing in 6 Dragons Kung Fu
  • The first exercises related to breathing
  • Some of the basic applications of correct breathing

Breathing: a basic concept

Kung Fu breathing is absolutely not an easy concept for a beginner but it is important to introduce it immediately given the immense scope of its incidence. Your body has to convert the theory you are going to discover in a natural and automated instinct.

The techniques and exercises of 6 Dragons Kung Fu in related to breathing are inspired by:

  • Qi Gong and Yoga (strictly connected)
  • From various internal styles of Chinese Kung Fu (Tai Chi, Bagua Zhang, etc.)
  • From the Russian Systema and many other disciplines of combat, sports, etc.
  • Last but not least by direct experimentation

What is the purpose of controlling breathing

Each day you do tens and tens of thousands of breaths.

At a high level practically all sports (not only combat disciplines) provide for an advanced use of breathing. In Kung Fu this happens at an exponential level.

Let’s see now some of the reasons why it is important to control breathing:

  • Attack – The amount of power at your disposal increases dramatically
  • Defense – A correct education of your respiratory system allows you to use the inside air flow to reduce the damage caused by your opponents
  • Timing – Your breathing can be a counter to regulate intensity (speed, power, etc.) of your actions (even in combat even during training)
  • Effort economy – It helps to economize the use of your energies in combat (and in any other physical activity)
  • Stealth – If you are not able to force your breathing it is useless to know a lot of stealth techniques
  • Body control – At the base of advanced body control there must be a good management of breathing
  • Emotional control – It helps to reduce stress and all the negative impacts of your involuntary emotional reactions (not only through meditation)
  • Wellness – The constant practice of proper breathing increases the blood supply to your internal organs, the oxygenation of tissues, the elasticity of lungs, etc.
  • Health – It helps to win and above all to prevent many physiological problems (ischemic heart disease, heart failure, arterial hypertension, asthma, etc.)
  • Qi – Breathing and nutrition (read Qi and proper nutrition) are the key to understand, use and grow your Qi (read The use of Qi in the 6DKF’s meaning)
  • Recovery – The practice of Kung Fu do not create energy, it spends energy, breathing can recover your lost Qi

To be able to take advantage of all these benefits, however, you need a constant exercise and a focused practice, only after having long educated your body will you be able to act on yourself and in the surrounding environment through breathing.

In-depth articles

  • Correct breathing – An explanation of why you need a correct breathing method (benefits, applications, etc.).
  • Meditation method 1 – An introduction to meditation in 6 Dragons Kung Fu and a first basic exercise.

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