Lesson 1 – The basics of 6 Dragons Kung Fu

The construction steps of a 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s warrior

In this chapter we will discuss:

  • The fundamental training
  • The physical and technical workouts
  • The basic training tools

Now, after mentioning what is the inverted learning process of 6 Dragons Kung Fu (read Lesson 0.4) we start explaining its 5 steps.

1. Awaken of body and mind

First of all (as we have already begun to do in Lesson 1.2) we are concerned with adapting the mind and body to the idea of training as an integral part of daily life:

  • Through the variety of exercises
  • Through fun and satisfaction
  • Through improvement of health and well-being
  • Trough exclusion of exaggerated physical effort

This part is the shortest (from 1 to 6 months).

2. Allow body and mind to express their attitudes

Secondly, we begin, in relation to martial exercises, to give space to the personal expression (read The difference between 6DKF and other martial arts):

  • With not too much interferences, limits or impositions
  • To discover limits / potentials of body and mind
  • Free of cages related to technique and style
  • During which the physical and mental form begins to change

This part (during which we will literally learn to train the legs as arms and vice versa) is essential and it has a medium-low duration (1-2 years).

3. Add martial technique to personal attitudes

After learning the base of self-defense and exploring ourselves the learning phase of the most advanced technique begins:

  • Only after acquiring a basic knowledge of psychophysical dynamics
  • Only after a lot of errors / mistakes and wrong ways (read How to bridge our failings)
  • Only when defense and attack can rest on reflexes and an instinct founded on effectiveness
  • Only when mind starts to understand what Kung Fu is really about

This part has a middle duration in our martial life (3-5 years).

4. Add to the technique high-level psychophysical martial skills

After the technique follows the acquisition of real martial skills:

  • Attitudes based on long-term practice
  • Based on solid technical principles
  • Protected from otherwise unavoidable safety risks
  • Far from those who did not have the determination to get here

This part has a middle-long duration in our martial life (6-15 years).

5. Improve training and connect personal attitudes, technique, and martial skills

Finally, the moment comes to find a personal synthesis between innate abilities, technique and acquired skills:

  • Through constant training
  • Through sharing
  • Through experimentation and autocriticism
  • Through continuous deepening

This part is the longest and will occupy the rest of our martial life (16-50 years).

Discover yourself

Errors are precious sources of innovation (read Measure ourselves with errors). The freshness, originality and creativity of the novices (especially the childrens) are often stifled by the weight of the wisdom of the masters.

Although the 6DKF’s way of teaching is not free from contraindications, it is the only way to create a true personal style.

If you wait to lay the foundations of your personal style at the end of a complete martial path, very few people will have a mind open enough to break down the preconceived rules.

Remember, the best possible Kung Fu:

  • It’s not the one that comes closest to you, it’s the one that springs from you
  • It’s the fruit of incessant experimentation, adaptation and study
  • It’s a lifetime process of discovery that ends only with your death

There is no style, technique or tactic that can make this kind of mastery vain.

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