Why and when Kung Fu is worth learning

Kung Fu, in martial terms, is worth to be studied when:

  • It is taught as a style of life
  • It does not end after the practice
  • It permeates every aspect of our essence
  • It is taught to search within ourselves
  • It is taught to give a direction to our good and bad energies
  • It is taught as a way to search for excellence (not only in combat)
  • It is taught without recurring to fantasies, tricks or mysticism
  • It is explained rationally and transparently

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When Kung Fu is not worth to be studied

When someone asks if Kung Fu is worth learning, he almost always refers to the fighting effectiveness aspect (read Why martial arts do not work: 5 reasons) but there is much more than that.

Kung Fu is not worth to be studied when:

  • It becomes a shortcoming to violence, prevarication, pride and false illusions
  • It becomes a way of sectarian closure in the past (in the name of an “original tradition” that never existed, Kung Fu is a constant evolution toward perfection)
  • It is taught in its watered-down version, devoid of depth and practical concreteness
  • It is taught by the wrong person (read Recognize a good / bad master: 5 characteristics)

10 reasons to start to learn Kung Fu

A real and deep (not a 1-hour-per-week amatorial) Kung Fu training:

  1. Can give us a kind of self-esteem, serenity and awareness that almost nothing can replace (it is the way to constant happiness)
  2. Teaches us that, when we are focused like a laser, we can do much more than we may think (it is the way to take in our hands the reins of our life)
  3. Through self-control, it prepares our mind to self-preservation (avoid the problems)
  4. Through technical and physical training (sparring, etc.), it prepares our body to self-defense (face the problems)
  5. Teaches us through patience and rational analysis, what is worth to do and what not
  6. Builds a strong and healthy body, it leads us to a level of wellness and control never experimented before (it builds a lot of energy, prevents malaises, etc.)
  7. Destroys irrational fears (eg. the one of the obscurity in the children)
  8. Destroys almost all the most common physical and mental weaknesses (vices, etc.)
  9. Gives a controlled direction to the instinctive and bestial part that (more or less consciously) distinguishes every living being
  10. Gives us a reason to go to sleep mentally clean and satisfied, every day

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4 reasons to do not start to learn Kung Fu

It is not a good idea to start a Kung Fu path if:

  1. We are searching for a series of fast / small tricks to easily prevail against everyone (this happens only in movies, real martial skills require real dedication, read How to acquire special abilities)
  2. We think that it is something to do for a few time or to let the time pass (if we are lucky, our passion will endure 2 months and then we will leave read Motivation: from passion to self-discipline)
  3. We are not ready to sacrifice anything, to face our limits and to fail (read Measure ourselves with errors)
  4. We are searching for a comfortable path (the bigger the fatigue, the bigger the results but the bigger the results, the less fatigue is felt)

A note by Master Kongling – Let’s be clear, everyone can do whatever he wants but starting to search a martial arts course with these assumptions is the best way to be cheated by the so-called Mc Dojo schools. Remember: if a know-how is within everyone’s reach without effort, it is not even worth it to waste a single minute on it.

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