Is 6 Dragons Kung Fu effective?

What is Master Kongling’s background?

A note by Master Kongling – A small premise: as I said many times, I do not like to talk about myself or my experiences (I’m light years away from the type of martial artist I would like to be), if I do it, it is because it can be useful to those who want to understand the limits and the potential of our style.

If you want to know something about my story and martial path, you can read these articles:

Note – This article has been asked by one of our Core Course practitioners on Patreon (see how to attend our home study classes here Learn Kung Fu online: a beginner-to-expert course).

What evidence do you have that 6 Dragons Kung Fu can develop functional skills?

About fighting and self-defense skills, I have tested 6DKF:

  • Trough my students – For example, I am preparing 2 MMA fighters (more about this later)
  • Trough experts – Over the years, dealing with law enforcement, military, instructors of other martial arts and professionals of the private security sector
  • First person – In terms of Sparring, confrontations and in self-defense unwanted situations

About the tests relative to the other skills (flexibility, self-improvement, etc.):

  • Though physical work – I have helped students who had painful wrong postures from a lifetime (arched shoulders, chronic pains, dizziness at the first unusual movement, etc.)
  • Though mental work – I have taught men, children, women how to face their fears and turn them into strengths (depression, mental taboos, sense of inadequacy, frustration, inability to release emotions, irrational fears, etc.)
  • Though logical work – I have taught other students that what may seem to be a handicap can be seen in a totally different way, as a state of fact and in some cases even an advantage (dyslexia, prosthesis in the body, etc.)
  • First person – I have personally felt a profound and positive change in my life (greater ability to concentrate, elimination of any physical problem, inner serenity, etc., read 12 Things That change for 6DKF’s practitioners (mental) and 10 things that change for 6DKF’s practitioners (physical))

What makes you believe that online teaching is a viable way?

About the online teaching / study I want to stress a few facts:

  • It is almost useless to practice without daily practice (read Online learning and martial arts: is it possible?), it is not an easy path
  • If you want to learn to fight, it is useless to train only by yourself, without uncollaborative partners (read 5 effective ways to find a training partner) and without sparring (read How to do sparring)
  • If you want to practice martial arts for wellness/health/personal growth, you can also train by yourself but you have to be aware that you will never gain fighting skills (read Why martial arts do not work: 5 reasons)
  • If you want to train professionally (high-level competitions, etc.) you need someone (an expert) to look at you to take care of every little detail (read How to train professionally in martial arts); it is not so important that it is far or near but that we have to follow your progress and correct your mistakes
  • We do not focus too much on forms, preset combat sequences (etc.) because I do not think it is possible to reach a good level without an instructor who corrects every minimum postural detail / intention / hidden meaning (read 6DKF: what does it teach?); the 6DKF forms are very simple and specifically designed for online learning
  • In my opinion, traditional Kung Fu forms are (in most cases) too hard to be truly understood from a video or a text but this is only my point of view and at the same time I think that it is good and inspirational for everyone to try to practice them

Said this, the martial way we propose is not a second choice compared to other better options but rather what we consider the most effective. Basically, this is the only method we propose (given that the students who periodically attend the Guan also follow it).

To reinforce the idea on the effectiveness of the method we have developed there is the daily observation of the fact that all the students (who meticulously follow the indications we propose, read A full and free online guide to 6 Dragons Kung Fu) reach a better qualitative level than the average of those who attend the classical gym’s courses:

  • Greater seriousness and attitude to sacrifice
  • Proportionally better fighting skills
  • Greater rationality and awareness in dealing with sensitive topics (such as personal defense, etc.)

The trick is that we ask a lot and not everyone can give so much (read You can call yourself a 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s practitioner if) but who succeeds understand that this is one of the most effective ways to grow in martial arts terms.

To conclude it is important to say that all the proof of the world (we will publish a few interviews of our students) are useless until we remain in the plan of theory, as for any other method / martial art, the only way to test its effectiveness is to seriously try it (read Is it legit?).

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