Iron palm: the development path

In the 6DKF the construction of the iron palm is (as already mentioned) the result of a long process of improving, mental (concentration, etc.) and physical (conditoning, etc.); in short, we must treat the evolution of:

  • A passive structure (hardening of the bones, muscles, etc.)
  • An active structure (the control of breathing, Qi, etc.)

In this regard a proper iron palm research includes:

  • Diluted exercises at regular intervals within our workout
  • Progressive exercises (with eventual steps back)
  • Reasonable recovery times for our hands
  • Constant attention to what our body tells us
  • Specific treatments of our skin with ointments and self-massage
  • No period of inactivity for our hands (in advanced ages it can be dangerous)

A correct practice allows us to avoid:

  • Chronic rheumatic pain (eg. at the variation of air humidity)
  • To have an outer layer of calluses and skin deformations
  • To lose tactile sensitivity
  • The damage in a severe way bone, muscle, etc.

With this in mind we must establish a process of conditioning / strengthening aimed at specific goals through activities commensurate to our level; here are the different types of exercises essential to our purpose:

  • Breaking / penetration / striking
  • Tension / relaxation / resistance
  • Concatenation / harmonization of movements
  • Breathing and Qi Management
  • Pain control, limitation and tolerance

Gradually we will see them all; in the next article we will see exercises combined with surfaces to be beaten.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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