Invisibility: how to hide heavy breathing

In this article we will expose a little trick to hide our heavy breathing to do not reveal our presence and location (for example, during an escape).

Even if in terms of invisibility is always better to choose our paths based on our fitness level, the situation we are describing is much more common than we might imagine.

Also a good athlete after running, jumping or climbing for a long time and to the best of his abilities may lie in the situation to be exhausted having a heavy breathing; here there is a good way to avoid too intense noises when we breathe heavily:

  • We do not have to hold our breath (this causes a subsequent need to breathe with great intensity and, inevitably, to do a a big noise)
  • Let’s find a safe place to remain motionless, in this way we reduce to zero the amount of extra effort
  • If the situation (temporarily) allows us, let’s free of everything that hinders us or oppress us (weights, arms, belts, backpacks, bags, etc.)
  • Let’s completely relax mind and body
  • Let’s try to slightly open our arms laterally so as not to limit our lung capacity
  • Let’s hold the head in the frontal regular position as not to restrict the flow of oxygen (through an incorrect position of the neck)
  • We have to inhale for 2-3 seconds and exhale for 2-3 seconds without pauses, not too fast, not too deeply
  • Both in the inspiratory phase than in the exhalation we use nose and mouth at the same time
  • When we are breathing it’s easy to make noise, it is therefore useful to put our mouth in a position as if we wanted to say a silent-sucked english letter “a” (the perfect meaning of this is the sound of italian alphabet letter “e”)

Let’s try this after a heavy training (the ideal is a parkour sequence), with the time we will be able to be completely silent.

Later we will analyze various exercises acts to expand our lung capacity, endurance and breath in general.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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