Ideal distance from the opponent during a fight

The fight distance through our movement and the opponent’s one varies elastically:

  • Middle distance, an arm slightly bent from the adversary
  • Short distance, a half arm from the adversary
  • Long distance, a leg slightly bent from the adversary
  • Out of range, more than long distance
  • Full contact, more closer than short distance

In combat (even when we are defending), we always have to try to remain at middle distance from the adversary (from this position we can hit, fight strategically, go away, use our reflexes, etc.).

Let’s see some tips:

  • It’s our position to show us what tecniques we can use
  • We can try to find a position to execute a tecnique but we cannot force a pose to suit a tecnique
  • If we move away let’s fight with the legs and the lower body
  • If we get closer, let’s fight with the arms and the upper body, legs only when fight movements give us the occasion to charge power
  • When we are using punches at short distance let’s use our legs to occupy the space of the opponent, to stop him and to hinder his balance
  • When we are “far away” (from a safe distance) we can estimate to use our arms to boost and balance our strongest kicks

In the next article we will see how these things change during the advance and backtracking.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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